Care Your Way

Individual Home Care

General enquiries
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What makes us different

We operate a ‘person-centred’ care planning approach whereby you or a person authorised to act on your behalf are always consulted and involved in the planning.

  • On our first consultation we will discuss your needs and preferences and the best way we can support you. Once you decide to go ahead with Care Your Way, we will tailor a care plan to assist and guide the care worker as to your requirements and preferences. Your care plan will be reassessed on a minimum of an annual basis. For more complex needs care plan reviews will be carried out more frequently.

  • Our staff are trained by our qualified in house trainers and their training is updated on an annual basis to ensure that they have the latest information. All of our training is face to face, we pride ourselves on not using DVD’s or e-learning as it is essential that our staff feel fully supported and are able to ask questions regarding the best way to support our clients. Our staff have qualifications in Health and Social Care.

  • We aim to provide your care and support in the way that you wish it to be done. We all have our own ways that we like to do things and this should not change just because you now need support from one of our trained staff. It maybe something that is seen as a small thing such as where you want your personal things to be kept, how your clothes are ironed or how you keep things in your fridge. These are not small things to you and they are not to us either. We make sure that the staff that support you are fully aware of how you want things done.

  • Care Your Way will strive to run its services in the best interests of each individual client. As a valued client, in order to ensure your satisfaction we monitor and continually update our services based on your feedback and also via an annual questionnaire. We encourage you to give us feedback so that we can evolve our services to your requirements, we would be most grateful if you could take the time to complete the annual questionnaire when this is posted out to you.

    We also review annually the agreed care plan document and monitor the quality provision of the care worker.