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Our services

From personal care and housekeeping to arranging health appointments and companionship, we look after the elderly as well as younger individuals with disabilities such as dementia, heart failure, mobility issues.

  • Personal care

    Our staff are fully trained to help with personal care needs such as washing, bathing, dressing, continence care, administration of medication.
    Personal care

    Our staff are fully trained to help with personal care needs such as washing, bathing, dressing, continence care, administration of medication. They are competent in using hoists to ensure that you can be safely moved should your physical needs require it. They are also trained in the use of slide sheets should you require continence and bathing support whilst in bed. We ensure that staff treat you with dignity and respect and that they carry out the personal care how you wish it to be done.

  • Domestic services

    We can prepare meals for you or help you to prepare your meals.
    Domestic services

    We can help with house cleaning such as hovering, laundry, ironing, changing bedding, dusting and washing up. Domestic support does not include heavy duty tasks such as moving furniture and cleaning windows. We are also there to help you look after your pets so our staff are able to feed them and if it is safe to leave you alone in your home we can also take your dog for a walk. You may need these services in conjunction with receiving personal care support.

  • Shopping assistance

    We will happily accompany you to do your shopping, we can support with assisting you with your mobility, meal planning to ensure that you buy the things that you need and carry your shopping home for you.
    Shopping assistance

    Alternatively our staff are able to do the shopping for you if you have difficulties with going to the shops. They will maintain a written record of the money that you give them and they will give you the receipt and change when they return. The details are kept on a financial record which is checked by the office staff on a monthly basis. With many shops now offering online shopping you may prefer that the staff assist you in doing your shopping online. This allows you to choose the things that you need from the comfort of your own home.

  • Respite services

    Many people don’t need long term care as they have the support of their family and friends.
    Respite services

    But there may be times when this support is not available such as when a family member becomes ill or is going away on holiday. It maybe that they just need a few days rest to recharge their batteries. We can provide staff that are able to support you in the same way that your family and friends do. You may need a daily visit to help with personal care and/or domestic support or you may need someone to stay with you while they are away. Any of our services can be provided for short periods of time that suit your individual needs.

  • Live-in care

    Live-in care involves a carer living in the home of the person requiring care, enabling them to stay in their own home.
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    The carer’s role is to provide the meals of the client’s choice, do the shopping and laundry, as well as help with personal care needs such as bathing, washing, and dressing, if required.

    There are no more worries about being alone at night, as the carer is there should the client need them. Family and friends can continue to visit in the usual way, and if the person cared for is still able to go out, the carer will take them on outings, such as to the shops or to visit friends. We believe in supporting those who need care to retain as much independence as possible and to remain active. The carer’s role is to build on their strengths in order to promote the well-being of their client.

  • Companionship

    Throughout all of our services one of the most important things that our staff provide is companionship to the people that we care for.

    It can often be that the only person that some of our clients see that day are the care staff that visit them. You may not need any of the other services that we offer, all you want is to spend some time with someone. We can provide this to you with a regular member of staff that visits you each week for a minimum of an hour or for several hours whichever you prefer. This may enable you to visit friends and family or enjoy a day out with someone to talk to. We try to provide staff that have similar interests and personality so that you can build a relationship based on common interests.

  • Sleep ins

    If you have a spare bedroom for our staff to use we are able to provide staff that will sleep in your home.
    Sleep ins

    This enables our clients and their families to have peace of mind that they are not alone during the night. If you became ill at night our staff are immediately on hand to assist you.

  • Waking nights

    If you need support throughout the night we are able to provide staff that will be awake and on hand to provide what you need.
    Waking nights

    We will come to your home for the night and remain awake to help provide whatever assistance or monitoring is needed. This can range from but is not limited to, assisting with mobility, continence care and medication administration

  • Learning Disability Support

    Our learning disability support is provided to enable people with a learning disability to access the community, develop independent living skills and education services.
    Learning Disability Support

    We are able to provide appropriately trained and experienced staff to accompany you to attend activities such as bowling, swimming, support groups and day trips. We can also help you to learn or develop skills that allow you to become more independent. It maybe that you are moving in to your own home and need support to cook, look after your home, washing or developing financial skills like how to budget for your bills. Some of our clients attend educational services and we can help them to develop travel skills so that in time they are able to attend without having a support worker with them. They may also need support whilst on a course so that they can interact more with other people on the course and we will help with the development of social skills or help to build their confidence in being around other people. Whatever your goals are our staff can help you to achieve them.